At The Academy, emerging artists engage in a world-class education. Our kids invest—deeply—in the process of mastering the fundamentals of their craft so they can expand the possibilities of their art. 这样做的时候, these artists develop a capacity for imagination that is broad, 和深度, and powerful, and their art compels the audience to do the same. We—all of us—benefit greatly from the results: their choreography, their drawings, 他们的歌曲, their images, 他们的话.”

Jason Patera has been part of the Academy community for over 20 years, serving as a faculty member, Chair of the Music Department, Assistant Head of School, 主要, and Head of School.

As Chair of the Music Department, Patera oversaw the development and implementation of several innovative curricular projects, including award-winning programs in music composition and jazz performance. Under his leadership in the administration, the school’s academic program has grown and flourished.

A jazz pianist and drummer, Patera is a summa cum laude graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he studied arranging and contemporary writing. He also founded the college’s newspaper , now in its 20th year of publication. Patera also holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for excellence in teaching.  

Jason Patera’s TEDx Talk “Life at the Intersection of Excellence, Purpose, and Passion”

Jason on the “One World. One Idyllwild” Podcast

Jason Patera is a jazz pianist and drummer, and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

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In 2001, Patera (along with Academy alum Jeremy Callner) cofounded Caltera School, an award-winning community music school dedicated to teaching improvised music.

Patera is an author, public speaker, and avid endurance athlete.

Check out Jason's alumni profile from Berklee College of Music!

Jazz Thursdays

Head of School Jason Patera is livestreaming discussions about important jazz albums every Thursday. See below for talks about Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald.